Getting Started

Hand lettering is an increasingly valuable skill. More and more, organizations are turning to hand lettering to give their brand personality and engage their audiences. A well crafted piece of hand lettering has timeliness appeal and stands out from the crowd. Given its popularity, hand lettering is an priceless skill for designers and illustrators to add to their arsenal. Here are a few posts to get you started! 

28 Jan 2016

What IS Lettering? (And What’s Not?)

Typography. Lettering. Calligraphy. Fonts. Typefaces. Handwriting. There are so many words for how we visually represent language! As these areas have increased in popularity, many designers...
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Resources to Get You Started

Getting Serious about Hand Lettering

Hand lettering has blown up in the last several years and has earned widespread attention, even outside the design and typography community. Businesses rely on hand lettering more...
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How to Sketch Effectively

**The winner of last week’s giveaway is Darcy T! Darcy, I’ll be in touch soon about how to send you your prize!** Sketching is the...
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My Favorite Lettering Books

I love finding great tutorials and online classes to improve my lettering techniques, but sometimes there’s just no competing with a physical book. Over the...
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