Hey there! I’m Amber and I’m a DC-based a graphic designer and illustrator, focused on brand identity and hand lettering. I’ve always been drawn to hand lettering, and often spent more time doodling in the margins of my homework than actually doing my homework. This grew into a deep love of fonts and typography (I’m well known for my font identification skills among my friends), so I challenged myself to hand letter every day, and I took up calligraphy as well.

When I first started hand lettering, it felt like there weren’t many resources for me to use to learn, so it took me a while to really get serious and learn about deliberate practice. What was out there was scattered around, without a centralized place for me to find what I was looking for. So, I’m starting this blog in an effort to be that centralized resource for you.

When I’m not working on a lettering piece, I’m probably enjoying an Office or Parks & Rec marathon, running, or baking cupcakes!